Dead Mouse ?

A while back, I noticed a dead animal smell.  

IN my house.  

In my house in which THREE cats live.  

How does that happen anyway? 

The girls could smell it too, but Mike didn’t notice the stink because his sense of smell disappeared when he was a young teen.  He flipped over a parked car while biking and smashed his nose on the hood–all because he was looking at his friend biking next to him (lipreading him), who was talking to him but failed to warn him about the car in front of him.  Nice. 

(Side note:  dating a man with no sense of smell is helpful when one has to pass gas. But that’s another story for another time. Maybe.


But back to the dead mouse smell…

I moved stuff to make sure there wasn’t anything dead that the cats couldn’t get to. But I didn’t find anything.

So I figured it was probably a mouse that got trapped between the walls and couldn’t get out.  At least I hoped it was a mouse and not a bigger animal. 

So it just became a waiting game until the body decomposed and the smell gradually dissipated. 

Then the other night, the girls wanted to paint.  So I went to their crafts supply area and pulled open a drawer to retrieve the paint stuff.

And I was hit with that nauseating smell again.

Uh oh.

A dead mouse IN the drawer?!


But instead of a mouse, this is what greeted me:




Any guesses as to what that is (or was) ?


Anyone guess a celery rose stamp?  


Because then you’d be right.  


A celery rose stamp wrapped in foil that had decomposed so badly, it leaked and soaked the shoe box it was in.  


Oh, the smell. 


Even fresh celery stinks.


And dead, shriveled up, decomposed celery stinks way worse.


I showed the girls the treasure I’d found, and they shrank back in horror as the smell hit them.  Annie wouldn’t even look at it. 


Not pleasant, but I was pleased to know it was dead celery and not a poor dead mouse.

And even more pleased to get the smell outta my house!


But, celery rose stamps ARE pretty, before they die, that is…

Take a look:




(photo courtesty of


Lesson learned:  don’t save stamps in the form of food for use in the near future, and then forget all about them.  

Unless, you know, you like the smell of decay…

But then that’d be a whole other issue in itself. 

And I digress.




One thought on “Dead Mouse ?

  1. Ha.. Good story! But clean it up. For cryin out loud, ‘passing gas’ and the word ‘stink’ are demeaning to your writing skills… You did want a copy editor, didnt you?? Hey, that celery rose stamp is really cool! What did u use for ink? …mouse blood? Seriously, I’d like to play around with that. Love u It would make a cool decor for a veggie platter too… Sent from my iP

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