Celebrating 9 Years

Our oldest turned 9 on July 23–making this year her last for being a single digit age!


Katie is currently a fierce lover of all things owls.  She made owl cupcakes for her pool party/sleepover (from which it took a couple of days for this momma to recover).


NINE! (not 3)

Pool Buddies


The Birthday Girl who will always be our water baby!


The day after her sleepover, the family met at Hacienda for lunch to do a dual birthday celebration for Katie and her big cousin Michael, who turned 21 on July 30.  (Really hard to believe that the first grandchild in the family is now 21!!)

Birthday Amigos and Cousins


Finally, we celebrated on her actual birthday with the grandparents at Orchard Hills Country Club where Katie ordered fried calamari.  And forced her seafood hater momma to try one.  “Only because I love you,” I told her as I swallowed, trying not to picture the eight-legged sea creature.


(Yes, two ketchup bottles were on our table.  Because one can never have too much ketchup.  Especially where there is calamari involved.)

Happy birthday, sweet girl!  We love you!!



2 thoughts on “Celebrating 9 Years

  1. Awww….thanks for the great pics! I need to know how to save them! Love u…ur a special mommy!

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