Although I’m not exactly a huge fan of the eight-legged critters, I don’t have arachnophobia.  Probably a good thing too, since I would have likely died from a heart attack after having two spiders crawl across my neck recently.

And tonight, I am especially thankful for my lack of spider phobia.

Especially since I was driving.

I saw something drop from the ceiling and land on my steering wheel.  Sure enough, it was a spider.  I reached for a kleenex with the intention of ending the little guy’s life–or at least removing him from the wheel so that my bare hands wouldn’t squash him.  In the process of reaching for the kleenex, my mind flashed back to the movie scene from Arachnophobia where a spider jumps from the bathroom ceiling and lands on a woman’s head during her shower.  Yes…pleasant scene.

I watched that movie when I was a young teenager in the dark basement of my friend’s house, sitting on a couch with about five girlfriends, gathered for a birthday slumber party.  As we huddled together watching the horror film, I felt something crawling on my arm.   I ignored the sensation and told myself I was just imagining things.  But the crawling persisted.  So I reached with my opposite hand to prove that nothing was taking up residence on my arm.  Instead of feeling just skin, my fingers moved across a bump.

A moving bump.

A bug?

A moth?


I screamed and jumped off the couch, starting a chain reaction of screams and freak-outs  from everyone else.

It’s a wonder those girlfriends still talk to me today.

But, back to tonight’s spider on my steering wheel…

Before I could even grab the kleenex, the spider moved.  One guess as to where it moved–or rather jumped.

Yes, to my arm.

The same arm that was lucky enough to be involved in the famed Arachnophobia incident.

But instead of screaming and freaking out, I just quickly flicked my arm and kept the car on the road.

Now, if it had been this “little” guy in the car with me, this story might have had a different ending.


But I digress.

And you’re welcome for the image.


2 thoughts on “Arachnophobia

  1. The eeeensy weeeensy spiiii-derr climbed up on Holly’s chest! Down came the arm And you can guess the rest! 😉 Sent from my iPad

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