Tooth Fairies Make Mistakes, Too

Annie lost another tooth last week and was excited to put it under her pillow.  Mike and I managed to remember to play Tooth Fairy that night.  After he reminded me, I went to get Annie’s tooth.  We use a little box, and when I opened the box, the tooth came out and I couldn’t find it.  Oh well, the vacuum will just have to get it. Again. 

I put the dollar inside the box and slipped it back under her pillow.

Annie usually wakes up first thing in the morning with the dollar in her hand.  But that morning, she apparently forgot about it.  So did we.

Then we left for a few days of camping (which is a whole ‘nother story in itself).  Annie still didn’t remember it when we came home.  So this morning after breakfast, Annie suddenly exclaimed, “I need to go check under my pillow!!!”

She came out of her room and into the kitchen holding up her dollar.  But instead of the usual radiance, her face showed confusion.

“I got a dollar, but my tooth was still inside the box!”

Oh.  Oops.  



“Well, how about that!  The tooth fairy forgot to take your tooth!  Neat! Now you’ve got both the dollar AND your tooth!”

Katie piped up, “No fair, YOU always took all my teeth! You and Daddy!”

“I think you mean the TOOTH FAIRY, don’t you?” I gave Katie a look, only to be met with rolling eyes.

Not affected by Katie’s comment, Annie grinned widely and said, “Maybe I can put my tooth back under the pillow tonight and get another dollar!”

Uh, nice try.  Not gonna work with THIS tooth fairy though.


2 thoughts on “Tooth Fairies Make Mistakes, Too

  1. Ha! Oh, come on, Tooth Fairy! Spring for another dollar! Haha…she deserves it for her cleverness.

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