Free at Last!

Annie woke up this morning with a smile on her face.  “My pins come out today!” she exclaimed.

Indeed, today was a day we’d been anticipating since the pins went in a month ago.  Her mummy arm was emitting a foul odor.  (She’d spilled some chocolate milk on her cast two weeks ago, so I’m sure that didn’t help.)

We were told by two different nurses that taking the pins out would hurt, and that it wouldn’t hurt.  Uh, thanks.  That’s real helpful.  So right before we left, Annie took some Tylenol just in case.

When we arrived, the nurse called us in and began cutting her bandages off.

RIP, (un)beloved cast.  You won’t be missed.


Annie was brave as the nurse tried to gently loosen the gauge caked with dried blood. It took a while, as the pins were caught in the gauge.  The nurse resorted to using water to soak the gauge and that did the trick.


We were not quite prepared for what we saw when all the bandages finally came off.  I imagined the pins as two little sticks poking out just a bit.  But here’s what they looked like:



Annie became nervous when she saw the pins and asked if she could go to sleep.  Um, sure?  Then it dawned on me that she wanted some anesthetic.  The nurse said that removing the pins wouldn’t hurt at all (thank you!) and that the worst part of it was over.  She left the room, saying that the doctor would be in to pull the pins out.  Annie started to get tearful and admitted that she was scared–understandably so!  Yikes.  So we prayed that God would take her fear away and that there would be no pain.

The doctor came in and confirmed that the x-rays looked good.  Annie settled down and held my hand as he took some pliers and quickly pulled one pin out.  Annie’s eyes widened.  One down, one more to go!  Then out came the second pin.

No pain at all.

And now a big smile.

And a small hole.


The doctor started to leave, and I asked if Annie needed to wear a cast (we were told that Annie would need a cast for another two weeks after the pins came out).  And he said the two words that every mother wants to see:  No cast.

YES! Thank You God!! 

We were all set to go, stinky arm and all.


“Can I spray some of my perfume on her arm? It STINKS!” Katie declared.


Sisters–through stink and thin.



3 thoughts on “Free at Last!

  1. Aren’t you surprised and pleased at how brave she’s been?! Bless her heart! So glad she’s free from the cast!

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Wow! She’s tough stuff! And I know you thought that the “yes it will hurt, no it won’t hurt” part was confusing.. .but really.. we’re GIRLS. We do that stuff all the time. LOL! 🙂 So glad you’re lives can return to normal. And I felt that went by QUICK!

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