Dress Rehearsal and a Root Beer Fall

Katie and Annie are both taking dance classes this year.  

Annie’s in ballet and tap, and Katie is doing acro, jazz, and hiphop (don’t ask). 

Two nights ago was Annie’s full dress rehearsal.  

Here’s Annie, the half mummy, half ballerina:


And Annie in her tap outfit:


“I have both a bra strap and a bathing suit strap,” Annie pointed out matter-of-factly.

Yep, that you do, girl. 

So while Annie was strutting her stuff on stage, Katie was on a date with Daddy at Culver’s.  Mike texted me to say that she was enjoying a Root Beer Float.


“It’s a Root Beer Fall, because it looks like a waterfall,” Katie told Mike as he poured Root Beer onto her ice cream.


All in all, both girls had a good evening.  

And tonight, we get to switch it up.  

Katie on stage for dress rehearsal and Annie on a ice cream date with Daddy.

Life is good.





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