JAWS and The Bra



This childhood photo of Mike with his older brother Steve is a favorite of the frames we have hanging on our walls.  It’s a classic–Steve sporting a JAWS shirt and Mike wearing the old-fashioned hearing aids connected with wires–and complete with a “bra.”  

(By the way, that “bra” was the envy of my very early years.  My older deaf sister Amy also wore her hearing aids with the bra.  I so wanted to be like her, and I would put it on and wear it proudly–much to my mother’s chagrin.  My oldest sister Sara didn’t particularly appreciate it either when I would flaunt the bra in front of her friends, while also decked out in my Wonder Woman underoos.  When it was confirmed that I had a profound hearing loss like Amy, I was fitted with behind-the-ear hearing aids, not a bra.  Talk about injustice!)    

But back to the photo… 

“Daddy looks ‘high tech’ in that picture and Uncle Steve looks like a nerd,” Katie said with a smile.  

(Sorry, Steve, but at least you don’t look nerdy now.)




3 thoughts on “JAWS and The Bra

  1. Oboy…memory lane. Your underoos belonged in the rag bag long before you would agree to stop wearing them. Then you adopted a pair of pink halter top pjs that had been Sara’s. Your closet was simpler then. Ha. Yes, the bra represented pain and sadness to me…so when you wore it “unnecessarily”, I shuddered…never dreaming that you would soon need a ‘bra’ too. The tests of life…they start early and never stop this side of the grave, do they? Love u

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    1. Thanks for letting me choose my wardrobe at such an early age 🙂 God knew the paths our lives would take and that you were the right motherly vessel for Him to use! Love you too Mom 🙂

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