Mafia Mike and His Girls


This is what greeted me minutes before we had to leave for a wedding–my handsome Mafia stud muffin.

It’s a little known secret that Mike is fascinated with the Mafia.  His great-great uncle was in fact involved with the Mafia.  (It’s safe to mention that now.  I think.  I hope.)  The only reason I saw the Godfather series was because I was dating him and wanted to appeal to his good nature.  (And no, I never saw that dead horse head scene coming.)

So, Mike comes down the stairs with his shirt unbuttoned, impersonating a Mafia man dead-on (pun intended)–and had me LAUGHING.  Annie just smiled and shook her head.  Katie smiled, then looked concerned and reached up to try to button his collar.

With Mike’s collar buttoned, it was off to a friend’s wedding and reception–the first for the girls. The wedding was sweet and the girls were well-behaved (whew) and cutely dressed too, if I may add 🙂






My parents aren’t part of the Mafia (that I know of anyway) but they were awesome ushers for the wedding.  And they look cute too!


(Can’t say enough how much I love this couple and the (non-mafia) impact they’ve had on so many people’s lives!)

Then it was time for the wedding reception, where the girls had fun with the photo props:


(serious pose with Rachael the junior bride)


(love the smiles and crooked glasses)

After the photo shoot came the pit stop.  Annie had to go potty–but there were only two stalls in the women’s bathroom and about 15 women waiting to use the john (the jane?).  Next to the women’s bathroom was the men’s room, of course, unoccupied.  I tried to convince Annie to use it.

Annie:  No way!  

Me:  Why not?  It’s just a bathroom and we can lock it so no one comes in.

Annie:  No, it’s stinky! 

Me: Probably not stinkier than the women’s bathroom. 

Annie: Yes, it is! Because men poop and women just pee!  

(And there you have it, folks.)

So we waited for our turn in the women’s bathroom–where Annie ended up having to go number two.  (But she’s still a girl, not a woman yet–so she can still stand by her earlier statement.)

Katie tried line dancing for the first time, on a crowded dance floor.

“I got hit FIVE times and I got stepped on EIGHT times!”

Her new white shoes…no longer are.

But that’s okay, her Mafia daddy can probably take care of that.



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