More is More

Lately, Annie has been breaking up her food into pieces, because that way “there’s MORE to eat!”

Of course.

Her big sis Katie did that when she was younger too–with chicken nuggets.  Once, my sis Sara  was lucky enough to observe this peculiar food activity.

“What are you doing to your food?!” she asked Katie.

“I’m making MORE chicken!” was young Katie’s matter-of-fact reply.

She’s passed on her wisdom to her little sis.


(Contrary to what you see on Annie’s plate, I don’t feed my girls dog food–that’s actually turkey sausage links–broken up in pieces to make MORE.  And a pumpkin biscuit (YUM!).  And a peeled cutie–a cutie for a cutie!)

And here’s the older, wiser sis:


(No sausage for this self-proclaimed vegetarian)

So, there you have it.  Less is not more.  More is more.

I’ll have to remember that next time I eat a chocolate bar.


2 thoughts on “More is More

    1. Thanks 🙂 and I fixed the “has been” in the first sentence. Ha. Made me shudder to realize the post went out like that ! 🙂 How was your afternoon? Good study! Thanks again for teaching! Xoxo

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