“Take Your Kid to Work Day”


Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It’s Off to Work We Go! 

Yesterday was “Take Your Kid to Work Day” at Lane Automotive where Mike has worked as a graphics designer for the past 15 years (but we’re still only in our early 30s).  Lane Automotive is a great place to work and to visit!  Check out the annual car show during Memorial Weekend and you’ll see Mike working there, taking pictures of the thousands of cars lined up at the show.   Quite a sight!


(Logo proof that Lane Automotive is an actual work place)

Katie was thrilled to get to go to work with Daddy!

Here’s an excerpt of her work experience:


Indeed, graphics design is the bees’ knees!

(Though I never understood that idiom–are bees’ knees “cool” because they can be covered in pollen? Do bees even have knees?) 

Here’s Katie’s project:


(You can tell it’s “lamenated” by the photographer’s reflection)

Katie hard at work with her co-worker Ella:


Katie the Happy Worker

(and owl fanatic–note her drawing and earrings)


Katie:  Dad, can I go to work with you again tomorrow morning?

Mike:  (laughs) That would be nice!

Yeah, and bring home some donuts too! 


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