Beep Beep Beep!

“Mom, something’s going beep beep beep!” Annie told me, looking concerned.

Oh boy, time to play “guess the sound source” game, I thought.

“Hmm, does it sound like maybe the smoke alarm?” I asked her.

“Yeah, but I don’t want a fire!” she exclaimed.

Trying not to smile, I reassured her that there wouldn’t be a fire.

“It probably just needs new batteries.”

Annie walked into her room, came out, and then went into Katie’s room.

“It’s coming from Katie’s room!  She’s the one who needs batteries!”

“Okay, thank you. We’ll get that looked at,” I told her as she got into the bathtub.

Forgetting all about the beeping (that obviously wasn’t bothering my deaf ears.  Deafness can be bliss–especially when the kids are yelling and screaming and I can just simply turn my hearing aid off.  Or pretend that my hearing aid battery died–but my girls don’t know that trick yet), I called for Katie to come in from outside so she too could get cleaned up before bedtime.  She came in, then went quickly to her room.

“My alarm clock was going off!” she told me.

Oh, so THAT’S what Annie was hearing!

“Rachael and I set the alarm last night because we wanted to get up at 7 this morning, but it never went off!” Katie explained. “And now it’s going off!”

“It was probably set for PM, not AM,” I smiled at Katie. “Believe me, you’re not the first person who’s done that.”

Just ask your father.


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