The Toothless Swim Teacher

One night during spring break, we stayed at a hotel where the kids got to swim (and swim and swim and…).  It was fun watching them swim despite the WARM “help, I’m melting!” temps inside the pool room (the thermostat read 85 whopping degrees).  For future reference, one probably shouldn’t sit next to the hot tub.  Or wear long sleeves.



Annie made up her own pool game called “Swim Teacher.”

Annie:  I’m teaching the little kids how to swim.

Me:  That’s great! How many kids do you have?

Annie:  Oh, about six kids.  Some of them are at high level, and some of them are at low level.  But that’s okay, they’re all good swimmers!

Me:  Great.  How long have you been teaching?

Annie (who’s all of 6 years old):  Oh, I’ve been teaching since I was 14.  A long time.

Me:  Wow, that’s impressive.

Annie:  Yeah.  (grins, showing her missing front teeth)

Me:  So when will your teeth grow in, Swim Teacher?

Annie: (scrunches up her face and places her hands on hips)



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