Last Saturday, we took a trip to Navy Pier in Chicago and met up with some friends and my sister Amy and her husband Randy.  With rain on the forecast and a high winds warning being issued, what better day to go?!

(Actually, we were dreading walking around in the rain–but the night before, Mike and Katie prayed that it wouldn’t rain.  When we arrived, it was windy (the rides were even closed due to high winds) but NOT rainy–and it didn’t rain the entire time we were there either!  Mike and Katie smiled and exchanged knowing glances.)

Proof that it was windy:


(LOVE my sister’s new hair.  Katie and Annie were temporarily blinded by flying debris.  Brian’s hairspray worked.  So did Randy’s.)

We walked along the pier and got to the end where it curves, surrounded by lake water.  It was WINDY to say the least.  We were able to even try sitting and let the wind hold us up.  I won’t say who broke wind.




Being the smallest of us, Annie was able to withstand the wind.  But her cute hair bow almost didn’t make it. It flew off of her head and spun towards the lake.  The super hero mom in me rose to the challenge and I was able to save the hair bow before it flew off to a watery grave.

Here’s my brave sister Amy holding her most beloved possession–but not for very long.


Suddenly, Amy was flailing about, MY PHONE! MY PHONE!  And sure enough, Amy’s phone was sliding across the pier, heading straight for the deadly lake waters.  The case slid off the phone– and kept on going while the phone slowed its pace.  Amy was able to grab her phone (oh the horrors–can YOU imagine losing your phone?!), but we watched in seemingly slow motion as the poor case went over board.

Knowing it was a goner, I ran in mock protest to try to save it.  To my surprise, it had landed on a small sidewalk below the railing.  I turned back to let Amy know I’d climb over and get the case.  Imagining huge rocks below with waves crashing against them, Amy started flailing once again. NO! DON’T DO THAT!!  Grinning, I climbed over the railing and  jumped down to retrieve the case.  Amy came running over as I climbed back up with case in hand.  SCORE!  We laughed and made a big scene about it.  Mike missed part of the show, so I started signing and telling him about it (while he was a good 20 feet away).  While I’m signing and gesturing to him and not paying attention to anyone else, three guys in between us start to make their way over.  One guy says something to me (I have no idea what–the strong winds made it hard to lip read), then jumps the railing and emerges triumphantly with a pair of bright orange sunglasses.  Um, good for you?  Then, as he starts to hand them to me, I realize that he probably thought I was gesturing to HIM for help.  Trying not to laugh, I told him that they weren’t mine.  He wasn’t too happy, until a little boy ran up to him and claimed the glasses.  Then all was well with the world.

And it was time to eat.


Elephant ears on a windy day. With powdered sugar.  Enough said.


Proof that Uncle Randy is a generous uncle.

Then it was time for some more fun–in the form of Magic Mirrors.


Mushroom Head Brian


The little Michigan fan


Mike laughed really hard at Randy’s TALL head in this pic.  I love that it doesn’t take much to make my husband laugh.  Makes my job easier too.

Then, it was time to leave.  It started sprinkling as we pulled out of the parking garage.  (Thanks again, God!)

A fun day indeed at Windy Navy Pier… We’ll be back to visit again!


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