Fun, Sun, Cold, and Oinks!

What’s spring break without a trip to the beach?  (Never mind that temps felt like below zero with the wind chill factor.)  So my brave mom and I took my girls and nephew Brian to Warren Dunes.  It was a gorgeous, BRIGHT and SUNNY day–and alas, I forgot to bring my sunglasses with me.

But a stop at the Dollar Store and a steal of a $6 pair of sunglasses solved the problem (though I actually bought them–the girls don’t need a jailbird momma after all).


(not bad for six bucks! but I’m not sure the gemstones are genuine though)


We arrived at Warren Dunes and the kids took off for the dunes.  Annie went about half way up then came down.  Brian and Katie made it all the way to the top in record time!  (Dunes aren’t as big as they used to be. Seems like it took half a day to get up there back in the day.  But guess that’s erosion for ya!) 



Here comes Brian!  (Can you spy Katie?)




“That was a piece of cake!”  (yeah right)


Proof that it was COLD:



Such a brave, good Grammy!! The kids kind of like her too.


Then it was off to visit Lake Michigan. (Oh how we missed thee!)




On our walk to the lake, Mom and I reminisced on good old family days spent at the beach. We (well, SHE) laughed about how she used to tell (scare) me that when the sun set on the lake, it would electrocute me.  Then I would look back, see the sun about to touch the water, freak out, scramble and flap my arms and try to make a mad dash for the shore.   Yes, Mom, I remember.  It’s not like it scarred me for life or anything.   But, in her defense, it was the only way she could get me out of the water so we could finally go home after spending ALL day at the beach. 




Brian tried to play a daring game of tag with the waves.  The waves won.  And his shoes ended up in the dryer that evening.  



(I asked Brian if the tire wasn’t too heavy to hold up for a picture.  His eyes widened, and he said, “You mean, to hold up above my head?”  Oh Brian, you crack me up.)


When frostbite threatened, we decided it was probably time to leave.  (Probably the shortest stay ever in the history of our family beach trips!)  

Not to break tradition, we made a stop at Oinks for ice cream on the way home.



Oinks is a really neat place (though it’s not for pig-aphobics) decorated with all different types of pigs (fake ones, not live ones–that I saw, anyway).  And the ice cream there is divine.  See how happy we look with our ice cream!




(For inquiring minds who may want to know–Grammy had Butter Pecan and Coffee ice cream. I had Peppermint Patty and Chocomania (but of course!).  Brian and Annie had Birthday Cake Confetti and Katie had Strawberry. Yumm)


Eat at Oinks and look at the figures you can get!  



A GREAT day all-around.  Thanks Grammy!  We love you 🙂 




3 thoughts on “Fun, Sun, Cold, and Oinks!

  1. YOU CRACK ME UP!! I have never heard of oinks. I can make that sound though. I like the sunglasses. You should resell them on Ebay for $6.50. Keep up the good work on the blog! love it!

  2. Thanks, Joy! Good idea about Ebay–unless you wanna buy ’em from me first? I’m truly saddened that you haven’t experienced Oinks yet! We should have gone there that day we went to the Dunes with Kate and Dani! Fun day 🙂

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