Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs (yeah right)

Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs 


A dozen eggs

Large pot (eggs should not be crowded at the bottom)

Cold water


Cover eggs with cold water. Don’t crowd—you may need to cook in two batches depending on the size of pot. Gently bring to a low boil. As soon as you see a few bubbles turn off the heat and cover the pot firmly. Let sit undisturbed for about 10 minutes. This method is forgiving, an extra minute or two won’t ruin your eggs. Rinse the eggs with cold water or place in an ice bath to stop cooking.


Those were the on-line directions that I followed for the Easter eggs my girls were going to dye and decorate.  Let’s say the directions didn’t quite pan out… 


Katie and Annie had just dyed a couple of eggs from the first batch of boiled eggs when I decided to test an egg from the second batch (for deviled eggs—which, I may add, are so aptly named).  I cracked it, and out oozed a thick mixture of yolk and white.  EW! 


My first thought was, “I hope the first batch didn’t turn out like this second batch!” 


I didn’t have to wonder if that was the case for long, though. 


“Sorry, Mom!  The egg just rolled off the table!” 

An apologetic Katie stood, pointing to the mess on the floor.   A gross mess of dyed egg shells and pathetic egg intestines. 



Back into the pot all the eggs went for a second round of boiling temperatures.  (Thankfully, the eggs passed the test this time around.) 


Happy Easter!  May your Easter be mess-free and filled with His glory! 


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