Education via Spongebob—who knew?!


Annie:  Is Pluto blue?


Me:   It could be, since it’s so far away from the sun, so it’s probably what?


Annie:  COLD!!


Me:  Yep, you’re right. Too cold to live there!


Annie:  Yeah, and the sun is too hot to live there.  Has anyone ever gone to the sun?


Me:  No, it would be too hot to even try. But people have gone to the moon.


Annie:  Yeah, and they jump up and down on the moon.


Me:  Yeah, why is that? Because they have no…?


Annie:  Gravity, and they have to wear space suits with helmets full of air so they can breathe. 


Me:  Yep, they need oxygen to breathe.


Annie:  Just like Sandy on Spongebob—she wears a helmet that’s full of air so she can breathe when she’s underwater.  Then when Spongebob and Patrick visit her, they have to wear helmets too. But they’re not full of air, they’re full of water so they can breathe.  Because they don’t breathe air, they breathe water. 


…thank you, Spongebob, for being more than just “nautical nonsense!”


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